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The Australian Shepherd originated on western day trading platform in Nigeria America's ranches as stockdog and guard, moving stock long distances and keeping a watchful eye over his charges. Aussies retain a strong herding instinct, and are noted for intelligence, energetic temperament and trainability. The mini Aussie should not be regarded as an easy substitute for the Australian Shepherd, nor should prospective owners expect "miniature" to imply a very small dog or one of diminished drive.

Club Profile
The Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America (MASCA) cfd trading platform in Nigeria is the oldest and largest extant parent club for the Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety (miniature Australian Shepherd). Since its foundation in 1996, MASCA has worked with owners and breeders to promote the sound breeding, welfare and wider recognition of the mini Aussie.

Our Mission
To protect the health, type, temperament and instinct and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Australian Shepherds of the miniature variety (including preventing the sale of puppies through pet stores);
To maintain multi assets trading platform a completely documented and accurate registry and recording database for Australian Shepherds of the miniature variety;
To maintain a standard reflecting the ideal consistent with genetically achievable goals of the Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety; to urge members to accept the MASCA standard as the only standard of excellence by which Australian Shepherds of the miniature variety shall be judged; and to manage a fair process to educate judges in the MASCA standard;
To promote the formation of affiliated clubs in those localities where there are sufficient fanciers to meet the requirements;
To sanction conformation shows, herding trials, obedience trials, agility trials and performance events, and to encourage sportsmanlike participation by members in all forms of competition;
To pursue further recognition as the variety becomes populous enough and when breeders have demonstrated that they are breeding sound, consistently typey dogs of the correct instinct and temperament;
To educate members, enthusiasts and the general public through all available venues whenever possible.

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