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Forms available for download: 

Printable Forms Please allow some time as some of these are large files.

Eligibility encompasses Miniature Australian Shepherds registered as: 

  • Miniature Australian Shepherds (NSDR);
  • North American Shepherds (NASCUSA);
  • North American Miniature Australian Shepherds (NAMASCUSA); and 
  • Australian Shepherds (NSDR, AKC and/or ASCA)


Eligibility encompasses Australian Shepherds (ASCA, AKC and/or NSDR) meeting the Special Registration requirments.

  • Application for Limited Eligibility Priviledge
  • Application for Litter Registration
  • Application for Kennel Name
  • Winsheet
  • MASCA Pedigree Form
  • Application for Inclusion on Website Breeder Directory
  • Breed Standard
  • All forms can also be obtained from the MASCA Registrar: 
    MASCA, Registrar
    PO Box 1692
    Winter Park, FL 32790-1692

    Schedule of Fees (New fee schedule as of Jan. 1, 2007)(Add $20.00 to all registration fees for non members)

    Membership Domestic
    Single/1 vote: $15.00/year
    Family/2 votes: $20.00/year
    Junior: $7.50/year

    Membership Foreign
    Single/1 vote: $22.50/year
    Family/2 votes: $27.50/year
    Junior: $15.00/year

    Registration Fees ($20.00 additional for Non Members)

    0-6 Months $10.00
    7-12 Months $15.00
    12-24 Months $20.00
    over 24 Months $35.00

    Litter: (doubled if no clearances)
    0-6 Months $15.00
    7-12 Months $25.00
    12-24 Months $35.00
    over 24 Months $50.00

    Other Fees ($20.00 additional for Non Members)
    Transfer of Registration: $12.50  
    Duplicate Registration: $12.50  
    Lease: $10.00  
    Special: $20.00  
    Hardship: $50.00  
    Limited to Full: $10.00  
    LEP: $20.00  
    Pedigree Request: $15.00  
    Kennel Name Registion: $25.00 for 5 years
    Kennel Name Renewal: $15.00
    Abandoned Renewal: $25.00
    Breeder Directory: $20.00
    BRB Directory: $5.00
    (BRB 20% discount on all fees)

    Certificate Fees
    HOF Certificate: $5.00  
    Ch Certificate: $5.00  
    Gr Ch Certificate: $5.00  
    Dup Certificate: $7.50  
    Herding Instinct: $5.00 ($10.00 additional if not MASCA registered)

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