The Merge of NAMASCUSA and MASCA

In response to an ever-growing group of Miniature Australian Shepherd
enthusiasts the two parent clubs, NAMASCUSA and MASCA, have decided to
move forward toward a future united as one club. The memberships of both
clubs have spoken and the following documents will hopefully serve to educate
the members of both clubs as to the direction of the merge. We encourage and
welcome all ideas and comments in our efforts to address the issues and
concerns of the membership.

Good-Faith Resolution To Merge NAMASCUSA and MASCA

The North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA and the
Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America commits itself for a period of
one year to good-faith negotiations toward a potential merger. During that
time, neither club will enter into merger negotiations with a third party, nor will
either club make any material changes affecting the corporation, its
leadership, or its financial commitments without fully informing, in advance,
the other. NAMASCUSA's delegation to the merger negotiations committee
shall consist of its committee chair, Jan Branham, and Karen Keller and
Jennifer Sawyer. MASCAs delegation to the merger negotiations committee
shall consist of its committee chair, Katherine Szafran, and Melody Dickey
and Kat Fahle.

At the end of the above authorized negotiations period, if not sooner, the
committee will submit its report and recommendations to the full boards. The
one-year time period may be extended by vote of the board, upon request by
the merge negotiations committee.

Some of the concerns we will address will include
but not be limited to:

Club name
Merging of the Officers and Board of Directors (Declaration of Consolidation)
Mission Statement
A dog programs
Mandatory Clearances
BRB program
Championship program (including grand fathering)
Dissolving each existing club
Articles of incorporation

Merge Standard Document

Merge Mission Document

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