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02/05/03: MASCA Microchip Database.
Masca now offers a free microchip database service to help get lost Aussie's of any size variety home.
01/05/00: MASCA Mini Mania at the Mighty Match.
The first MASCA shows of the millenium are fast approaching! Join us for MASCA Mini Mania plus Mighty Match, a total of 4 shows, in Raleigh, NC on January 22 & 23, 2000. Eye clinic, champion of champions and other events. Spectators welcome!
01/01/00: MASCA Discontinues Veterinary Signatures for Registration.
Effective immediately, MASCA will no longer require veterinary signature for the questionnaire on the reverse of Applications for Individual Registation and Applications for Registration (Litter Registered). The owner should now complete and sign the questionnaire on their own. Those of you who have outstanding old type forms can use the old form and sign your own name on the veterinarian's line, making a note that it is the owner's signature. Newly updated Applications for Individual Registration are downloadable from the Forms page.
01/01/00: Increase in Fees and Dues for 2000.
Due to the increased cost of running the club, printing and mailing a larger newsletter and recording services, there will be a slight increase in some MASCA fees and dues effective January 1, 2000. Annual Single (1 vote) and Family (2 votes) Membership dues will increase by $2.50 each, to $12.50 and $17.50 respectively. Registration of Kennel Name will increase to $15 for 5 years until the kennel name is permanently assigned. All other fees will remain at current levels.
12/20/99: Free Calculation of Coefficient of Inbreeding.
Planning a breeding? Own a dog and curious about the COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding)? Email us at with your mini Aussie pedigree information, and we'll email back a free report including coefficient of inbreeding, number of ancestors calculated on, and comparative percentages in addition to a free 5 generation pedigree. Registration isn't required! These are done in Katherine's spare time and are free to you so please be patient she will get them to you as soon as possible.
10/25/99: Herd'n In The Sun Event Photos.
Check out some of these outstanding photos from the first MASCA Herd'n In The Sun, held in July in Silverado Canyon, CA.
07/03/99: Members get up to a $30 discount off of Man's Best Friend Software.
A few months ago, the club invested in pedigree software which would not only allow it to track and print more accurate and longer pedigrees, but more importantly, that calculates coefficients of inbreeding (COI) on extended pedigrees (up to 10 generations). We’ve been so pleased with the results, which have set us on the road to calculated average COI for the mini Aussie as a whole, that we created a discount package deal for our members. If we can put together 10 pre-orders, the club will receive a $30 per package discount, for a final price of $95.95, and we’ve already received 7 orders! Shipping cost will be extra.

TBS also functions as complete kennel software, tracking litters, puppy and medical records, show records, transactions and storing photos, traits and much, much more. The software can be downloaded for a free fully operational 14-day trial from the MBF website at:

If you would like to place a pre-order or have any questions, please contact Katherine Szafran at 908-522-9113 (eastern time) or

07/01/99: Online Sample Newsletter
Take a look at some of the articles that the bi-monthly MASCA newsletter offers.
06/25/99: Herd'n in the Sun to be held on July 24th in Silverado Canyon, CA!
Don't miss this instinct test and Fun Day, open to all herding breed enthusiasts.
06/25/99: Undersized Aussies?
What if you, as a breeder, could have access to more accurate information on which undersized Australian Shepherd lines consistently produce small offspring? MASCA members can make an informed decision for the September 1999 vote on this issue by reading this article and by further discussion/input on this matter on the message board we have provided, or in public forums like the MiniAussies-L.
06/10/99: Free Printed Pedigrees!
For a limited time, if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope, we are pleased to offer a free 5 generation pedigree on your dogs. These are done in Katherine's spare time and are free to you so please be patient she will get them to you as soon as possible. All pedigree statistics and requests should be forwarded to:

This offer is open to both MASCA and non-MASCA members and will NOT constitute registration.


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